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Saturday October 4th 4-7pm


Baileyville Chicken BBQ Saturday October 4th 4-7pm while the woodfire roasted chicken lasts!


Baileyville Chicken BBQ!

Saturday October 4th 4-7pm!

Support your commmunity,
Help preserve the Community Hall,
And have a GREAT chicken dinner too! 

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The History of Baileyville book, the Town, the Iron Works, and the Railroad, 1730 - 2013If you missed the 80th Anniversary celebration, you can still get a copy of the newly updated history book or a mug. These collectable limited edition items make great Christmas presents, and will become family treasures!

The History of Baileyville, The Town, The Iron Industry, and the Railroad 1790-2013

This new book provides a tour of the Baileyville area, and explores its history with the Iron Ore Industry and the Railroad.

"...historic treasure that will last for generations"

"You have done a wonderful job with the Baileyville history...Very very nice job."

"...a really nice Collection of History, with photos, and  facts about the Pa. Furnace and Baileyville area."

"...if you want this last copy, ya gonna hafta fight me for it."

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The Baileyville Community Hall

The Baileyville Community Hall was built in 1895 as a two room schoolhouse.
Since 1933 this grand old building has been used as a
community meeting place for this rural Central Pennsylvania community.

Available to rent for events:
Rates (2013): $80 full day; $50 half/partial day.
Call 692-8486 or 692-8341 for more information and to reserve.

(Or use the Contact form.)